US Navy SK-5 PACV (1/87)

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AVAILABLE complete kit (resin)

PACVs (patrol air cushion vehicle) were used by Task Force 116. Three experimental PACVs operated in the Mekong Delta during 1966 and 1967 as PACV Division 107.
During 1968, the PACVs deployed to the Danang area as Coastal Division 17. The hovercrafts were derivates of the British SR.N5s, re-engined by Bell with Lycoming engines. They liked these craft so much that Bell then went on to develop their own similar craft called the SK-5 which had two different versions - the one exactly similar to the SR.N5 with the curved upper deck, and the later model with a widened cabin and flat upper deck.
The 1/87th scale model represents the early version that was most similar to the SR.N5. It is a resin kit with brass parts.